Show Yourself Friendly Prov. 18: 24

Show Yourself Friendly Prov.18:24  CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

You’re going to need friends and the best way to get one is to be one.  You must show yourself friendly.  A lot of people think that they don’t have friends because others aren’t friendly to them.  In fact, they haven’t been friendly toward others.

Jesus showed himself friendly to us – he laid down his life for his “friends” – Jn 15:13

Jesus showed himself friendly to the world – He gave himself – Jn 3:16

We love him because he FIRST loved us – 1 Jn 4:19

So, we should take a lesson from Him – if you want to have friends you must be a friend to them – and you want the kinds of friends that are going to stick closer to you than a brother.

Good friends will:

Take care of you in trouble – Jonathan & David

Watch over your children when you are gone – David & Mephibosheth

Give you wise counsel – Hushai & David – unlike Amnon & Jonadab

Get in your face when you are out of line – Paul & Peter [beloved brother Paul]

Help you bear your load – Epaphroditus & Paul – LD said, “I’m here if you need me”

Stick with you when others won’t – Luke & Paul – not fair weather friends

Pray for you – Paul & Philemon

Fellowship with you – John & Gaius [3 Jn 1, 14]

Conclusion: If you want friends who will do these for you, you have to do these for them.