Ask In Jesus Name

Ask in Jesus Name John 14:13-14 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

We come to the throne of God in Jesus’ name.  Prayer in Jesus’ name is of major importance to the answers you hope to get.

Jesus substitutes for us before God’s throne.  We come to the Lord in prayer and Jesus takes those prayers to our Father.  He substituted for us at Calvary and he substitutes for us before the throne in prayer.  We no longer come before God as enemies and the ungodly sinners that we were; now we come as sons!

Jesus is the highest authority in the universe.  Every knee should bow before the Lord.  We are saved by his name [Acts 4:12, Matt 1:21].  When you come in his name, you honor the Son of God.  He gives you access to the throne.

Jesus is the greatest friend you have.  There is no one that cares for you as much as he does and he is loved by the Father above all.  As far networking with friends is concerned, you know no one who has a greater connection with the Father than he does.


Conclusion: If Jesus wants your prayer to be answered, he will get it done.  He can do all things and there is nothing impossible to him.  So, look at the greatness of Jesus and quit looking at the size of your problems.  God will not deny his Son.