A True Friend Prov. 17: 17

A True Friend Prov 17:17 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The test of a true friend – do you love at all times – what would it take to destroy your friendship – well that depends upon what your friendship is based – mutually beneficial friendship will end the moment the friendship is no longer mutually beneficial – when one party is no longer getting out of it what the other party was expecting – cause of divorce.

Jesus extended friendship and expected nothing in return – he’s gained many a friend as a result of that offer – even called Judas “friend” in the garden of Gethsemane  Matt 26:50 – he is a true friend.

Jonathan and David had that kind of friendship – a love that surpassed the love of women.

A true friend will love at all times and under all circumstances – you may have 5 or less of these in a lifetime – Job sure could have used some good friends when he was afflicted – Jesus sure could have used some good friends when he was arrested – Paul could have used some good friends when he was arrested – it’s a good thing that Shadrach, Meshech and Abednego had each other “a threefold cord is not quickly broken,” Ecc 4:12.

Do you have a friend that really needs you right now and you haven’t been the kind of friend to him or her that you would hope he or she would be to you – did they hit a bump in the road and then you conveniently eased out of the picture when they really needed you – Zac was this kind of friend to my Dad – I have some friends that came to my rescue when I needed a friend – now one of them desperately needs a friend and I will be there for him – we are there for another one and the Lord is using the friendship to help the circumstances – you will never know how much you will need your friends until you do – so be a friend that loves at all times – go to that one that needs you now and be there for them (prayer, kindness, personal support, phone call, email, note, etc) – my mother has been a friend to her friends so many times – I have a good example.

A brother for adversity can be like Cain and Abel, Jacob and Esau, but it can also be like Joshua and Caleb Thompson – Rocky and Loren Young – where the brother is there for you in adversity.

Now we are Christians so our love should excel as friends that love at all times.  And because we are brothers in Christ, we should be there in times of adversity for each other.

And know that the best friend you could have is Jesus and he is there if you will receive him.