Meddling Prov. 17: 14

Meddling Prov. 17:14 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Meddling is to interfere or busy one’s self improperly with another’s affairs.

Meddling is connected with:

Contention – a dispute where there is strong disagreement, you see this in sports when teams are competing – they’ll say they were in strong contention for the prize [i.e. each fighting hard to win] – but in this proverb the contention is an argument where each thinks he’s right and will fight to prove it.

Strife – bitter conflict – lack of agreement – the beginning of strife [the conflict, the lack of agreement] is as when one letteth out water [picture a dam – starts with a trickle ends in a flood – we had a pinhole leak in a PVC pipe in Florida and it soaked the floor before we got it stopped – the water purifier under the sink flooded the house by day break before we arrived] – therefore, leave off contention [strong disagreement now in an argument, pictured as a leak in the dam] before it be meddled with [before interfering in it – once it starts it doesn’t stop – it grows bigger and bigger (it escalates), it gets out of control].

Meddling is a sign of:

Foolishness – Prov 20:3 – do you really want to be a fool – or would you rather be honorable and just let the thing go – does it really make any difference after the argument is over whether you were right or wrong – was it really worth escalating the argument to WWIII – was it really worth a divorce or a rift in the family?

Stupidity – Prov 20:19 – you allow yourself to be flattered by an individual – sucking up all the FALSE praise and then you find yourself as the target of their tongue when they turn on you and tell your secrets (learned in quietness after making you feel good about telling such an ADMIRING trusted friend) – even worse the devil flattered Eve and told her a tale about the tree and look what happened to her and all of us [Prov 24:21 given to change – no marvel Satan is transformed into an angel of light – the Roman Catholic Church is a chameleon – modern translations – they will all bring you down – what you are hearing preached today you would have heard preached 2,000 years ago – truth doesn’t change]

Meddling will hurt you:

Prov 26:17 – you get bit – see: 2 Ki 14:10 [8-14] Amaziah because of his victory over Edom [7] and 2 Chr 35:21 [20-24] Josiah with Pharaohnecho.