An Ungodly Man Prov. 16: 27-30

An Ungodly, Froward, Violent Man Prov. 16:27-30 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

It will surprise you when you consider what the Lord has to say about this ungodly man – you would think by his titles that he is one of the wickedest men in the earth but when you see him in public you might not even recognize him.  That’s because he does his violent work with his mouth and not with a gun or a sword.  Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, Milosevic, Mandela, Osama bin Laden all did their work with their mouths.  This fellow is in government, church, business, school, family or anywhere you have a group of people.

Now remember he is Ungodly (like Enoch’s generation), Froward (away from God) and violent (like the antichrist Ps 140:1-4) – on the outside he may be as sugary as syrup, Ps 55:21, Rom 16:18 – but he is as vicious as the devil – so how do you spot him?

He digs up evil – we say he likes to dig up dirt on people – a fellow emailed  me and said that he “needed the truth” – he was questioning something he could use against another preacher – I said why would you look for truth in the city dump?  He wasn’t interested in truth he was interested in dirt – in evil – he may be a Christian but he is an ungodly man.

He uses it to burn people – they say, “Man, he really got burned” – his lips are a burning fire, Jas 3:6 – you check a man and if he is spreading stuff he is trying to ruin another person – I have had it used against me – I have forgiven but I will never forget [shame on me if I get burned twice] – a lady we helped was running us down at another church while we were helping her  – she was an ungodly woman.

He sows strife – Prov 6:19 – he’s not happy if things are running smoothly – he has to stir up trouble and get people mad with each other – 1 Cor 1:11, 3:3 – he gets a fight going and keeps it going FROWARD [not in fight himself, he stays on the sidelines] – this is not God – God likes us to be likeminded, 1 Cor 1:10.

He breaks up friendships – and he does it behind their backs by whispering – he would be the kind of guy or woman that says “if you are going to be friends with that person, then you cannot be friends with me” – “as long as you have anything to do with him, I won’t support you” is the way it affects missionaries and preachers and the way that it affected Jonathan and Saul over David [David and Jonathan’s love exceeded the love of women] – “a friend of his is an enemy of mine” – he might do it by buying your confidence in him and then by running down your confidence in your friend once you are owned.

He entices people – 29-20 – he spends his time cooking up schemes and bringing them to pass by leading others [with his mouth] into his devious actions – his strength is in getting up a following – Judas Iscariot is the one who convinced the rest of the disciples to criticize Mary when she anointed Jesus – he’s the one that cooked up the accusation against the woman whom Jesus said would be spoken of wherever the gospel is preached – she’s mentioned in all four gospels.

So, the solution is to cut him off – don’t give him an ear – because without your ear he has no place to go with his bad mouth – don’t buy what he is saying – otherwise you’ll run out there with all the dirt and look back and find that you are standing alone while he’s back there with the group trying to figure another way to get somebody else messed up in strife and dirt.