Handling Matters Wisely Prov. 16: 20

Handling Matters Wisely Prov. 16:20 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The subject of this proverb is handling matters wisely.  It is our desire to help you handle your matters so that the end result is good (Rom 8:28) and so that you are happy.  There is no greater satisfaction than to be happy with what you do while coming out with good results.  That doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be the richest or the most successful by the world’s standards.  It means that when all is done you will be happy and the results will be good.  Paul was happy and his results were excellent, but by the world’s standards he was a failure. Many men with far greater wealth and many more friends have killed themselves trying to achieve their goals.  Toward the end, before they had collapsed under the weight of their work, they were miserable.  A good example is the plantation owners in Louisiana who died before they had completed the construction of their mansions.

Now in order to have good results and be happy along the way, you have to handle your matters wisely and you have to trust the Lord.  Handling matters wisely requires you to:

Take your time – you need patience, Jas 1:4 – see how closely associated patience is to wisdom in the context – Joseph was given dreams pointing to his superiority over his brethren but he was locked up for 13 years – with patience he handled matters wisely, trusted the Lord and came out on top – David was anointed king years before obtaining the throne and with patience he wisely handled Saul in the interim.

Talk to God – Jas 1:5 – ask him for wisdom – you are not more spiritual just because the thing you have been praying about is goofy and abnormal – that kind of spirituality stems from pride.

Stand firmly on the words of God – don’t compromise – always see where God stands on the matter before trying to make your own stand, 1 Cor 2:13 – don’t rely upon just one verse but rather upon the whole Bible – Saul lost his kingdom by disobeying God’s words.

Weigh all of the facts – you better know the truth of a matter before you try to fix it or react to it – your perception can seriously cloud your thinking – Deut 13:14.

Breathe through your nose – don’t get so worked up, don’t take things so seriously that are not that serious, Neh 8:10 – when you get overly emotional you will try to manipulate and intimidate your way through a matter – we are to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves – if you are too reactionary and hasty you are likely to make a bad decision and end up friendless and miserable at the end – you’ll only be hurting yourself – make tough decisions by the swimming pool so you can cool off when it gets too hot – keep a cool head and a warm heart and keep a good sense of humor.

Be honest – people get burned when they pretend – Eph 4:25 – be honest with yourself, with God and with others.

Get help – don’t try to carry the load alone – Gal 6:2 is in the Bible for a reason – Matt 11:28-30 shows you that the Lord will carry a part of the load – this is a good place to talk about the need to get some counsel [good counselors can really help you].