The Lord Made the Wicked Prov. 16: 4

The Lord Made the Wicked Prov. 16 :4 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

This explains the existence of the bad guys who have been used by the Lord for his purposes – it’s not that he made them wicked – but that he uses their wickedness FOR HIMSELF – this is not predestination – he didn’t make wicked people just so he’d have some folks he could throw into the lake of fire at the white throne judgment – this verse doesn’t say that he made sinners so that he could populate hell – it says the Lord made the wicked for the day of evil (not iniquity) – God created evil [Is 45:7] (i.e. Noah’s flood and the plagues in Egypt) – and he used men who were wicked so that when the evil day came they would fulfill his purpose.

Here are some very wicked men that God made for the day of evil:

Jer 25:8-11 Nebuchadnezzar

Is 36:1-10 Sennacherib

Rom 9:17; Ex 9:16 Pharaoh – a king like the king of Nineveh would have never worked in Egypt because he would have repented to God when the plagues began – God needed someone wicked enough to hold out against him

Jer 16:16-18 Adolf Hitler – one of the hunters and fishers

2 Cor 12:7 the devil to keep Paul humble

1 Cor 5:5 the devil to straighten out a young fornicator

1 Tim 1:20the devil to straighten out a blasphemer

When you see a wicked ruler or you consider the work of the devil, don’t forget that God may be behind the man and what he is doing – compare 2 Sam 24:1 w/ 1 Chr 21:1.