The Right Answer Prov. 15: 28

The Right Answer Prov 15:28 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Jesus always had the right answer – he knew the scriptures and he knew what people were asking him when they polled him with questions – in Matt 22, he answered his tempters perfectly concerning Caesar’s penny, the resurrection, and the law.

He in turn asked the scribes questions that was so powerful they couldn’t answer – he asked them about John’s baptism [Matt 21:25-27] and the son of David [Matt 22:42-46] – all these wicked men knew to do was either evade the answer or deride the Lord – they said, “Thou hast a devil,” [Jn 7:20] or “He hath spoken blasphemy,” [Matt 26:65] or “We be not born of fornication,” [Jn 8:41, implying that he was].

If you are righteous you will study the words of God so that you can answer the question.

Ask a man “Are you saved?” – the righteous man has studied this out and he knows the answer is 1 Jn 5:10-13 – the wicked man will say – no one can know for sure – I don’t know [the right answer if he doesn’t know is “No”] – he’ll accuse the Bible of error or profess to be agnostic after only reading the first ten chapters of the Bible – or he’ll tell you where he goes to church.

Listen to how a man talks about hell – if he jokes about it he doesn’t believe it’s real and he reveals an evil answer – if he gives an answer to try to get people out of it before they go there he has studied to answer.

The evil just answer – they give excuses (I pray thee have me excused), they lie (am I my brother’s keeper – you know what Cain said before that in answer to “Where is Abel thy brother?” “I know not”), the justify themselves (Lk 16:15), or they’ll just regurgitate what they were taught in school (blind leaders of the blind – they’ll profess their own goodness (Prov 20:6) – all the evil things that come out from a bad heart in Matt 12:34-37 just come right out – you don’t have to study to come up with evil answers – they come naturally.

To answer the right answer you have to study – 2 Tim 2:15.