Widows Prov. 15: 25

Widows Prov. 15: 25 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In this study we will look at a lot of passages in scripture that are going to show you that God is always on the side of the widow and that as Christians it is our duty to take care of the widows in our family and church  (Acts 6:1).

God looks out for widows, as well as orphans, because they are a special class of people to Him (Deut 10:18, Jer 49:11).

God’s wrath abides on those who take advantage of a widow (Ex 22:22, Matt 23:14).

God makes special provisions for a widow (Deut 24:19-21)

God has special appointments for widows (1King 17:9, Mark 12:43, Luke 2:37).

God blesses those who help a widow (Job 29:13).

God honors widows who are faithful to the Lord (1Tim 5:3-16).

God wants you to take care of widows (James 1:27).