Why Do People Hate the Name of Jesus

Why Do People Hate the Name of Jesus CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

When the government considers removing “God” from public institutions, it’s not God that they despise so much as it is the name “Jesus.”  After all, we still have “In God We Trust” on our currency and we still pledge allegiance to one nation “under God.”  As Christians, we can’t imagine so much hatred for the name of Jesus because we love and appreciate him and what he has done for us.  So, why do people hate the name of Jesus?

People hate the name of Jesus:

Because of the Authority associated with his name – Rom 13:1-2; Col 1:18, Eph 1:22-23; Phil 2:10-11.  All authority that men have in this earth derives from Jesus Christ.  The authority to govern comes from him.  Yet, men want to be their own boss.  So, they cannot stand to be under his authority.

Because of the Accountability associated with his name – Rom 14:10-12 – whether you like it or not, you are going to give account to of your life to Jesus Christ – he is going to judge you based on his standard of righteousness – yet men like to do what’s right in their own eyes and they don’t like being accountable to someone who knows every minute detail of your life and judges not the appearance but the heart and the spirit.

Because of the Power associated with his name – Acts 4:10-12 – Jesus said after his resurrection that all power was given to him [Matt 28:18] – yet men want to recognized for their own power and they want to exercise their power – see how silly the sons of Sceva looked after they tried to usurp the power of Jesus’ name for their own fame and gain [Acts 19:13-17].

Because of the Division associated with his name – Matt 10:34; Jn 14:6 – he is exclusive – the ONLY way to get to heaven is through him – when you stand with Jesus, you stand against the world and when you stand with the world, you stand against Jesus [Matt 10:32-33] – often when you get saved, you have to stand with him against your own family – at times they may come to him and be saved but at others they simply reject him and you along with him.

Because of the Righteousness associated with his name – Rom 10:3-4, Matt 1:21 – it is not your righteousness that saves you – it is His righteousness and His righteousness alone – thus for you to be saved you must follow His instructions in Rom 10:9-10, 13.

Conclusion: I love him and love being under his authority, accountable to him, dependent upon his power, on his side and saved by his righteousness – how about you?