The Woman with the Issue of Blood

The Woman with the Issue of Blood CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The woman with the issue of blood found in Jesus Christ what she could not find in the physicians of the world.  She found in Jesus:

His Approachability – v.26-27 – She was spent and he was hard to get to because of the throng of people around him – she could have easily said, “I’m too for gone for him to do any good.”  “I just don’t have the energy to even try to get to him.”  Instead, she found him to be approachable, even in her condition, and so she went to him.  You are never too far down or too far gone for Jesus to help.  Go to him; he’s waiting for you.

His Reliability – v.28 – Because of his record of healing all who came to him, she knew that Jesus could and would fix her problem.  Physicians sometimes do an excellent job.  But they are limited in what they can do.  Jesus never fails.  You can count on him.

His All-sufficiency – v.29 – When you come to Jesus, he is all you need.  You need nothing else and you need no one else.  With God all things are possible.  So, don’t keep running to all of the “helps” that you find in life.  Go first to Jesus and let him supply your need.

His Sensitivity – v.30-31 – We sometimes view God as an “ogre” who is just waiting to pound us for getting out of line with him.  We often view our problems as punishments directly from God.  However, if you go to him like this woman did, you are going to find him caring, merciful and faithful.  “Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.”  “The Lord knoweth them that are his.”

Conclusion: Once this woman made it to Jesus, she was cured.  Her problem was settled once and for all.  She had been unclean and separated and was, therefore, alone in the crowd.  She was undoubtedly ashamed of her condition.  She poured her heart out to the Lord, truthfully [v.33], and walked away healed and at peace [v.34].  You can have the same peace today if you will take your problem to the Lord!