Every Wise Woman Buildeth Her House Prov. 14: 1

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Here the distinction is between every wise woman buildeth her house and the foolish woman who plucketh it down with her hands.

Now you generally think of building a house as something done by a home builder and then the husband and wife move in – but according to the text there is a lot more to building a house than simply finishing the structure or furnishing the inside.

Here’s what a woman can do with her hands to build up her house and what she can do to break it up.  Here’s what a woman can do to build her house:

Pray – folded hands

Read the Bible – in her hands (handle the word of God) – Mary v. Martha

Cook – too much eating out and too much processed food at the house is not good – nourish the family – food today is made for marketing not for nourishment

Clean – allergies and sicknesses are often related to an unclean house – good care for the children to keep the laundry done and the carpet clean and the filters changed and so forth

Repair – when things are broken, repair them or replace them – what ever happened to sewing

Teach – show the children how to do things and train them to carry a big part of the load through chores – teach them Bible like Lois and Eunice – many get frustrated teaching and just do it themselves

Discipline – the children

Stop – the children when they are doing wrong

Hold – her husband and her children (affection)

Encourage – pat them on the back when they are doing well

Pass out tracts when shopping – Take care of God’s business and he’ll take care of yours

Give – to the Lord’s work (widow that fed Elijah spared her own house)

Here’s what a woman can do with her hands to break it up:


Smoke – like licking an ashtray

Take drugs – prescription or otherwise

Self-mutilation – like cutting

Remote Control – sit in front of the TV all the time

Flip through magazines

Hold the phone and talk all the time – (These three above result in neglect which will pluck down the house)

Wag her finger in front of her husband’s face – challenge authority

Hand out the credit card and throw away the cash

Touch another man

Spend all her time grooming herself and showing off the rocks and nails on her fingers and bracelets on her wrists

Drive the children everywhere they want to go but not to church