Isaiah 19:1-25 The Burden of Egypt

The Burden of Egypt Is 19 :1-25 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The burden of Egypt is a prophecy of what happens in Egypt right before and right after the second coming of Jesus.

In Egypt, before Jesus comes, there will be:

Discouragement – v.1 – their hearts are going to melt [Jos 2:9-11] when they see Jesus coming in destruction in a cloud [Rev 14:14] and their idols moved [1 Sam 5:3-4].

Division – v.2 – as in Matt 10:21 and Matt 24:7-8.

Deception – v.3, 13 – they are going to seek to their idols [Ps 97:7] which is what Israel was told not to do [Deut 18:10-11] and they are going to come up empty just like Saul did [1 Sam 28:6-7].

Dictatorship – v.4 – they are going to be under the rule of a cruel lord who is a fierce king [Dan 8:23-25] – this will be the anti-christ.

Drought – v.5-10 – once again, we see the rain withheld [Rev 11:6, Ps 107:33-34].

Delusion – v.11-14 – their wise men will be fools/brutish [contrast Is 41:21-24] – the only way to know what the Lord has purposed is through the Bible [v.12] – they will be seduced [2 Tim 2:13] – and the Lord will mingle a perverse spirit among them [Ezek 14:4, 9] – they will turn to it like a drunken man in his vomit [2 Pet 2:22].

Dread – v.15-17 – Egypt will fear the land of Judah with a woman’s fear – Egypt should remember well the 6-day war.

When Jesus comes:

Deliverance – v.18-22 – they will be able to speak the Jew’s language [Zeph 3:9] – they will have an altar and a witness to the Lord [like Jos 22:21-31] – Jesus will be a Savior to them; he will deliver them and heal them – and they will know him [contrast Ex 5:2; Acts 17:23] and offer sacrifice to him [Zech 14:18-19].

After Jesus comes:

Divine Favor – v.22-25 – Egypt, Assyria and Israel will each be a third – there will be a highway through Israel from Egypt to Assyria and they will all serve him together.