The Way of Transgressors Prov. 13: 15

The Way of Transgressors Prov. 13:15 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

When transgressors are having the hey day of fun, they don’t see their way as hard – particularly if they have plenty of money and friends – then it looks grand – people envy that lifestyle and covet that wealth and opulence – but it plays out – Ps 73:3-9, 12 then 16-19 – also Job 21:7-15 but 16-18.

In Lk 12:16-21 a really good farmer turned out to be a transgressor and very few folks in his neck of the woods would have guessed it – but according to Prov 21:4 even the plowing of the wicked is sin – and a man who neglects his soul in favor of his business is a wicked man – what shall it profit a man if he should gain the whole world and lose his own soul – and his hardship is an eternity in hell – man if he would have only known.

Now, you can figure the hardship of transgressors who suffer the consequences of sin early in life – that’s not tough – vomiting alcohol – treating and living with STD’s – financial disasters from indiscretion – busted marriages from infidelity – treatment for drugs – prison for breaking the law – death from carelessness or bad company – bondage from joining a gang – heartache from a broken romance – and on and on it goes.

You know the solution to all of this – good understanding (text) – a young man who reads the Bible, believes what it says and then follows it will avoid the hard way of transgressors – he misses hangovers, STD’s, financial collapse, drug problems, jail, death, busted marriages, distress, discontent, and so on AND he gains joy, peace, love, simplicity, strength, confidence, assurance, abundant life, rest, contentment and so forth – the way of the man following God sure is better than the way of the transgressor.