Wealth Gotten By Vanity Prov. 13: 11

Wealth Gotten by Vanity Prov. 13:11 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Wealth gotten by vanity is money that is gotten by you for which you do not have to work. It is wealth attained in the absence of labor. This verse of scripture informs us that any such acquisition will evaporate. Winning the Lottery is one example where most winners end up losing their friends and marriage and find themselves in misery in spite of the new found wealth. This is usually because they use the money to pursue vanity in trying to keep up with the proverbial Jones’ (Prov 28:19, 13:7, 28:22, 21:17). One case after another has been documented of Lotto winners who end up in poverty.

Another way people receive wealth without labor is through inheritance (Prov 20:21, Ecc 7:11). While some, who have an appreciation for what it took their ancestors to build that wealth, invest it wisely many do not and squander it just like a Lotto winner (Prov 27:23-24, Prov 28:8). It takes work to maintain and grow wealth, but do not work so much that you forget to take time out for God and give Him His due (Luke 12:16-21).