The Wicked Is Snared Prov. 12: 13

The Wicked Is Snared Prov. 12:13 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The wicked is snared by the transgression of his lips.  The trouble with the wicked is heart trouble, Mk 7:20:23.  What snares them is these bad things in their hearts coming out of the mouth.

Look at these examples of people snared by the wickedness of their hearts:

Idle talkers – they’ll give account of every idle word – Matt 12:34-36

The devil – who said, “I will” five times in Is 14:13-14 – the Lord replied five times in Ezek 28:16-18, “No you won’t; I will”

Eve – what snared Eve in Gen 3 is what she said

The servant with one pound – ha was judged as wicked out of his own mouth – Lk 19:22

The high priest – in Matt 26:63-64, he snared himself with his own mouth

The multitude – in Matt 27:25, they snared themselves with their mouths – compare 1 Thes 2:15-16

You – in Job 9:20, Job said that his own mouth would condemn him – see Job 15:16

The Jews – they condemned themselves out of their own mouths, Jer 44:17

The Lost – in Phil 2:10-11 they will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord on their way to hell

Therefore confess that Jesus Christ is the Lord now, Rom 10:9-10, before it is eternally too late!