What To Do With Wealth Prov. 11: 24-26

What to do with Wealth Prov 11:24-26 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The principle here concerns how to handle wealth, whether you have a little or a lot.  You increase it by giving it away – this may seem like a strange principle but it is but tried and true.

Withholding is the best way to decrease your wealth – v.24 – Consider Alex and Imogene Miller of Vermont.  They barely survived on a small farm. Alex would scrounge rusty nails from burnt buildings to repair his roof. He drove an old VW, and when it died, he found another even more beat up, and then another.  These rusting cars littered his yard.  Alex died in 1993 and Imogene died in 1996. The local church took up a collection so they could be buried in the churchyard and the state began the process of taking the farm for taxes.  All the old cars and parts sold at auction and much of the proceeds went to the IRS – Solomon said that you can withhold “more than is meet” – so, it’s ok to save some, but just do not save too much.

Withholding is the best way to be cursed – v.26 as when a monarchy continues to dine well during plague, pestilence, war, and drought while everyone else is starving around them Lk 16:19-31 – the rich man fared sumptuously and the beggar just wanted crumbs – the rich went to hell [cursed] – Lk 18 the rich man wouldn’t give to the poor and he walked away without eternal life [cursed] – both of these demonstrate Prov 13:7 – Zacchaeus gave half of his possessions and the Lord gave him eternal life [Lk 19:8-9].

Scattering is the best way to increase your wealth – v.24 – 2 Cor 9:6-11; Matt 6:20-21 you become a conduit whereby the Lord gives to you so that you can give to others (men give, Lk 6:38).

Liberality is the best way to fatten – v.25 – 2 Cor 8:1-5 like the widow with 2 mites – she was “fat” with joy, for instance – misers are rarely joyous; they are more commonly scrooges.

Watering is the best way to be watered – v.25 – 1 Ki 17:11-16 – in tough times people generally quit giving and dry up – the Lord shows us that to get through the tough times you continue to give.

Selling is the best way to be blessed – v.26 – Joseph sold the corn that he had stackpiled in Egypt – Gen 41:55-57; 47:23-25.