The Wise Soul Winner Prov. 11: 30

The Wise Soul Winner Prov. 11:30 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

We call this broadcast the wise soul winner.  He that winneth souls is wise – there is wisdom in soul winning in three different respects:

It’s a wise thing to do – it is wise to: be obedient – Acts 1:8; produce after the natural order – be fruitful and multiply; and build rewards at the Judgment Seat of Christ – 1 Thes 2:19; Zech 9:16.

You have to be wise to do it – this is a wisdom you get from: the scriptures – 2 Tim 3:15; fearing the Lord – Prov 9:10 you and I are going to face the Lord with the blood of the lost on our hands Eze 3:18; Rev 21:4; Acts 20:26; and the Spirit of God – Ex 31:3 some things the Holy Spirit gives you while you are witnessing that awakens the sinner’s recognition that he needs Jesus.

You get wisdom from doing it – this is a wisdom that comes from the experience of knowing: how to win them – 2 Cor 12:16; when to win them – 1 Pet 1:23 the word of God must have time to work, Jn 12:32 Jesus must have time to draw them; Jn 3:6 the Spirit of God must have time to regenerate them – sometimes these are fast and sometimes these are slow; and what to do with them after you win them – 2 Tim 2:2.