The Righteous Shall Never Be Removed Prov. 10: 30

The Righteous Shall Never Be Removed Prov. 10:30 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In the world, governments are established, policies are implemented, wars are fought, economic decisions are made, and negotiations are conducted without a single thought of what God thinks about any of these things.  In other words, men operate globally as if what they are establishing is right and will last for many generations to come – as if God can’t or won’t interrupt their plans with plans of his own.

Well, this shortsighted thinking is foolishness.  God has plans of his own and when he is ready he will suddenly change the plans of all men and set up his own government and his own international policies.

Ultimately, this world is destined for a one-world government set up as a dictatorship and not as a democracy or a republic.  The dictator will be Jesus Christ and the center of the government will be Jerusalem.  Of course, you can’t convince many people of this today because as far as they are concerned, Jesus Christ is long gone and he wasn’t who he professed to be anyway.  Books and movies, like the Da Vinci code, and Bibles, like the NIV ad the NASV, attack the deity of Christ and attempt to destroy the hope of men that Jesus Christ will come and eventually solve all of the world’s problems by running things the way he intended and not the way the devil has (2 Cor 4:4).

First of all, the righteous will be here in the end and we will never be moved.  Attempts to rid the world of the righteous and righteousness are always successful initially, but in the end, when Jesus returns, all of the righteous will be here and will reign with him.  Ps 89:3-5; Is 9:6-7; Rev 11:15; Dan 7:14; Dan 12:2-3; Rev 5:9-10

And when the righteous are here, the first wave of the wicked will be gone – Rev 14:9-11; Rev 19:20-21; Rev 20:1-2; the devil’s kingdoms will be given to the Lord Lk 4:5-6 – but during the millennium, there will be wicked that crop up Is 26:9-10; 65:20 – and when the devil is released, he will lead these wicked in a failed attempt to overthrow the kingdom of the Lord Rev 20:7-10 – then all of the wicked will be cast into the lake of fire Rev 20:15 and the righteous will be forever and the wicked will be gone as if they had been carried away by a whirlwind, Ps 58:3, 9-11.

This rule of the wicked is short lived – the rule of the Lord is eternal – why not get on the winning team?  The righteous shall never be removed.