Expectation vs Hope Prov. 10: 24

Expectation versus Hope Prov. 10: 24 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

This proverb goes with v. 28 and Prov 11:7.  It compares the expectation of the wicked with the hope of the righteous.  Thus we are examining expectation vs hope.

The hope and desire of the righteous will be granted and will be gladness.  The expectation of the wicked shall perish and the thing that he fears will come upon him.


Hell is a real place – men are afraid of it Jude 23 – a man we dealt with when we were street preaching couldn’t even say the word, “Hell” – a friend of mine attended one of our services and he waited outside in the foyer when the preachers began preaching on hell – he was scared of it and sick to hear about – you know what that means – men don’t want to go there!!

Wicked men expect to go to heaven not hell – that’s their hope – you ask them if they are saved and they say, “I hope so” – furthermore, they expect to have the blessings of the righteous – they must feel that these blessings are an inalienable right.

Wicked men will wind up in hell unless they are righteous – In Matt 25:41 the Lord says to the wicked, “Depart from me ye CURSED…” – look at Ps 9:17 – so no matter their expectations of heaven and their fear of hell, they are going down – when you ask a man on the street to tell you where hell is, he will always point down unless he cynically replies that “this” is hell, referring to his life on earth.

On the other hand:

The righteous will go to heaven – because they possess Christ’s righteousness – that’s our hope that’s our desire and it will be granted – in Tit 2:13, Jesus is our blessed hope – and that hope is certain – eternal life is sure

And not only that but 1 Jn 5:14-15 show us that we have this life now – you cannot go wrong with Jesus – compare Hitler’s expectation – he expected to rule the world and his expectation perished

Conclusion – Ps 145:19