The Words of God are Plain Prov. 8: 1-9

The Words of God are Plain Prov. 8:1-9 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Verse 9 of our text says the words of wisdom are plain to him that understandeth – now here are some plain words that have been removed in the modern bibles and we can’t for the life of us determine what was so uncommon and hard about these words that they needed to be “modernized” – these KJV words ARE the modern words!!


Reference Common Word or Expression
Ps 105:22 “Senators” as in the government
Ps 106:29 “Inventions” as in something made by man
Prov 4:25 “Right on” – expression
Eze 24:16 “Stroke” the way some people die
Jer 51:20 “Battle axe” – expression
Eze 23:17 “Alienated” as in alienation of affection
1 Cor 7:31 “fashion” as in fashions and fads
Lk 15:13, 14 “wasted” and “want” as in waste not, want not
Ecc 10:1 “ointment” as in a fly in the ointment
Deut 32:10 “apple” as in the apple of his eye
Eph 1:14 “earnest” as in earnest money
Job 4:15 “stood” as in it made my hair stand up
Gen 30:27 “learned by experience” – expression
Acts 21:3 “unlade” as in bills of lading
Gen 23:17 “made sure” as in title insurance or surety
1 Sam 25:10 “nowadays” – expression
Jud 8:16 “taught” as in he taught them a lesson
Lev 11:35 “range” – a kitchen appliance
Gen 23:16 “current money” as in currency
Gen 42:34 “traffick” as in drug traffic
Ex 14:8 “high hand” as in poker or the upper hand
Num 1:2 “polls” as in counting votes
1 Sam 20:40 “artillery” as in munitions for war
Num 1:18 “pedigree” as in the descendants of an individual
Acts 27:3 “liberty” as in shore leave
Acts 27:15 “bear” as in a ship’s bearing
Acts 21:15 “carriages” as in baby carriage
Acts 21:40 “licence” as in a license to preach
2 Ki 9:5 “errand” as in go on an errand (a verbal message)
2 Chr 30:6 “posts” as in postal carrier or post office
2 Ki 9:26 “plat” as in a survey plat
Prov 18:3 “ignominy” about Duke 4-21-06
Ps 7:16 “pate” about Telly Savalas after his death
1 Sam 30:24 “stuff” as in what you travel with


In the last example, the NASV says “baggage” and the NIV says “supplies” – now these are not the same thing – we realize that this is a subtil point, but the devil is subtil – supplies are supplies and baggage is baggage and the two Bibles contradict – you’ll have to be the judge of which one is right – you know, “every man did that which was right in his own eyes” – frankly, I don’t trust myself to make the right judgment – so I just submit to the authority of God’ s words, instead.

You see all these words are street words, street language, they are common.  They are so common that fools and the simple can understand them.  They are not scholars’ words.

They are plain to him that understandeth – well understanding comes from the Lord and from wisdom, not from scholarship 2 Tim 3:16; Job 32:8; 1 Cor 2:10; Lk 24:45; and Job 28:28 [therefore, you should depart from the evil and perverseness of scholarship which produces fools Rom 1:21-22 and rely upon the understanding of wisdom from the Holy Spirit]


And look, this wisdom can be found anywhere and everywhere.  Dollar General Store, Sam’s, and Wal-Mart sell Bibles very inexpensively.  You can find God’s words printed on fences, yard signs, and bumper stickers.  You can hear them on radio waves.  They are NOT Greek and Hebrew, though; those are scholars’ words – you’re getting His words now on this radio broadcast!!  Listen and do what He says!!