Type of Mystery Babylon Prov. 7: 1-27

Type of Mystery Babylon Prov. 7:1-27 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Mystery Babylon in Rev 17 and 18 is well described – she appears here in type – when the pope came to San Antonio in September of 1997, we were there passing out tracts – I remember wanting to stand up on one of the small walls and preach this passage of scripture to the crowds along the route of his public appearance – this passage was clearly a description of the religious harlotry of Mystery Babylon – just look:

Strange woman 5 – she’s not the bride of Christ, which is a chaste virgin, 2 Cor 11:2

Her words 5 – not God’s words – she uses the words of tradition and not of scripture Mk 7

Young man void of understanding 7 – the old saying was “give me the children to train until they are twelve years old and I will have them for the rest of their lives” – so catechism and confirmation happen at young age

Her house 8 – not the house of the Lord – 1 Cor 3:16 your body is the temple of God but in the Catholic church it’s the building that houses the host so you have to cross yourself when passing by her house

Night 9 – a picture of the church age, Jesus said, “the night cometh when no man can work” – Jesus come as a thief in the night

Attire of an harlot 10 – described clearly in Rev 17:4, which looks like the priestly robes

Subtle 10 – like Gen 3:1 – the connotations of that word in the Bible are bad (defined as difficult to detect, working in a hidden way, like Matt 13:33)

Not in her house 11-12 – Matt 23:15 she’s traveling land and sea to make even one proselyte

Peace offerings 14 – At the mass, the congregants say, “Peace be with you” in when the sacrificial offerings are brought

Fine linen of Egypt 16 – unlike Rev 19:8 – Egypt is a type of the world

Cinnamon 17 – Ps 45:8 the wedding of the bride of Christ includes cassia but the whore uses cinnamon Rev 18:13

Until the morning 18 – the morning pictures the 2nd Advent of Jesus

Goodman long journey 19 – pictures Jesus’ ascension

Day appointed 20 – the appointed time of the Lord’s return Matt 24:36

Fair speech 21 – in Rom 16:17-18 we are told mark and avoid men who speak like this

Her ways 25 – not THE WAY of Jn 14:6

Strong men 26 – Rev 18:3, the great men of the earth fall for her

Hell 27 – Matt 23:15, and they all wind up in hell, unless they freely receive Jesus Christ by faith and trust his shed blood for their redemption apart from their good works.