Seven Things the Lord Hates Proverbs 6: 16-19

Seven Things the Lord Hates Prov 6:16-19 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Get this: God Hates people [look at 6 & 7] Ps 5:5; Rom 9:13 – he hates some things about people and there are some people that he hates – now I know God is love and he will extend his mercy – but the difference between his willingness to extend mercy or to destroy a person is a thin thread – contrast Jer 3:12-13 with Jer 7:20 – read the first 10 chapters of Jeremiah and see – have you ever thought who it was that allowed Hitler to do the atrocities that he performed?

Proud Look – He’s looking for humility and the proud look reminds him of the devil – Is 14:13-15; Job 41:34; Prov 21:4 – compare humility Ps 34:18, Is 57:15

Lying Tongue – Jn 8:44, Rom 3:4; The devil lied when he said, “Ye shall not surely die,” Gen 3:4 [Rev 21:8] – Ps 120:2-4 tells you what’s given to a lying tongue – that’s a lot worse than soap

Hands that shed innocent blood – Manasseh [2 Ki 21:16; 24:3-4; burned children in fire 2 Chr 33:6] – did you see what God did to Jerusalem after what they did to the innocent blood of his Son Jesus – suicide bombers, murderers, Abortionists all shed innocent blood – the Bible requires the death penalty for that kind of murder Num 35:30-31 – that’s one reason why Paul never complained about his suffering.

Heart that deviseth wicked imaginations – our minds are filled with wicked imaginations even after the flood Gen 6:5, 8:21 – the Lord has to put up with this all the time [2 Cor 10:3-5] – you have to clear that heart and fill it with scripture, songs, the Spirit, and prayer and keep out all the trash Num 33:52

Feet that be swift in running to mischief – Is 59:7-8, these feet run along the broad way, Prov 1:10-11

A false witness that speaketh lies – the Bible says, “thou shalt not bear false witness” Ex 20 – but everyone does and they justify it because everyone else is doing it – the media, politicians, executives, modern bibles, modernist preachers – even society hates these [sports figures that lie about gambling or steroids and then they are found out – society just write them off] – but people are so used to this – God isn’t.

He that soweth discord among brethren – Illustrated by a young lady’s plight with the people that are shoving modern bibles down her throat and mercilessly tearing down the people that believe the KJV – church splitters – they may be the sweetest speaking people in the bunch.