A Naughty Person Proverbs 6: 12-15

A Naughty Person Prov. 6:12-15 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

This naughty person is not just a little bit bad, he is wicked!!  And the things said about him are true and instructive so that you can mark him and avoid him.

The first tool he’ll use to hurt you is his mouth [12]

This is exactly what the devil, the antichrist, politicians, usurpers, deceivers, and liars use to take advantage of the unsuspecting.  Rev 13:5-6; Ps 55:21; Rev 6:2; Rom 16:17-18; Dan 11:21; Jude 16

The second is his eyes [13]

The wink is a signal to an accomplice that the evil deed pre-planned is ready to begin or it is a signal toward the individual that is about to be had.  It can also be a signal that men have sealed an evil deed.  It’s subtle, intended only to be observed by the individual who is watching for the signal so that no one else can pick up on what’s about to take place.  A man will wink at a woman or a woman will wink at a man to get his attention – to let the one know that the other is interested.  So, this evil man is secretive in his real dealings, not public.  He doesn’t want you to know what he is really up to.

The third is his feet [13]

As they say, actions speak louder than words and this man’s feet speak.  Watch where he goes and the company he keeps – that’ll tell you a lot about what he’s up to.  The beast in Rev 13:2 is not only known by his mouth, but he is known by his feet – the feet of a bear – the Russian bear pictures communism – and pictures a man with ideas of world conquest – the evil man will break down the bounds God set up – he’ll cross the line Acts 17:26-27; Is 10:13-14 [i.e. breaks down the language barrier] – he is interested in global things.

The fourth is his fingers [13]

Fingers are used to signal and do a lot of different things but, in this case, they are not good – two fingers are used to pull a bow (Rev 6:2), two fingers are for a jigger of whiskey (Rev 6:6), two fingers are for peace (1 Thes 5:3), two fingers are for a bayonet charge (Hos 13:16) – papal blessings are with two fingers.

Notice these other characteristics

His heart [14] is bad and the Lord should know Jer 17:9-10 – it is the motive for what he does and since “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh” you need to pay careful attention to what he is really saying and not saying and not be flattered by his smooth lips.

He is mischievous [14] like Saul was to David (1 Sam 23:9) and like Haman in Est 8:3

He soweth discord [14] – so you know that he is hated by God no matter what everyone else thinks about this good ole boy Prov 6:19 and no matter how high his ratings might get – his main seeds of discord will be sown against the Jews like Saul sowed discord with Nabal about David

His downfall [15] is sudden and irreversible – just as swiftly as Jezebel was destroyed and eaten, as Haman was hung, as Pharaoh was drowned and as the devil will be chained in the bottomless pit.