There Are Two Paths Proverbs 4: 14-19

There are Two Paths Prov 4:14-19 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

There are two distinctly different paths described in this passage. One is the path of the wicked which is in darkness and the other is path of the just which is in the light. These two paths do not run on the same course. Those who believe in relative truth want to convince you that all paths run on the same course and ultimately lead to the same goal, but this is definitely not the case.

In the King James Bible we have a pathway for the just clearly laid out for us (2Pet 1:19). The words of God are light and the Holy Spirit will give you understanding through those words if you will diligently study them with a heart for God. Modern translations of the Bible are a dim light at best (Prov 20:1), so it is important to make sure you read a King James Version in order to have your path lit by the brightest light possible.

Do not be concerned if you do not understand everything you read right away (Ps 119:130, Job 28:28) because there is so much wisdom contained in that book that you can study it for a lifetime and not learn all of it. God will slowly feed you what you need for that moment one day at a time (Ps 119:105). God’s Holy Spirit will guide you to choose the righteous path of the just by the light of the Bible (2Tim 2:22, Ps 101:3, John 1:5). Without the light of God’s word we stumble through life in darkness (3:19-20, 1Pe 2:8).

People who choose the path of darkness feed on violence and wickedness. Hollywood is only too happy to provide food for the wicked appetite. You can count on most every movie either blaspheming God, or containing violence, illicit sex, or some other form of wicked behavior and Hollywood is filthy rich because people love wickedness.

6 things that will keep you from the path of the wicked

  • Enter not into the path of the wicked
  • Go not in the way of evil men
  • Avoid it
  • Pass not by it
  • Turn from it
  • Pass away from it

You cannot be neutral in avoiding the wicked path. If you are not reading your Bible and going to church and having fellowship with other Christians you will get sucked into the path of wickedness. We have a good example of this in Lot. Lot pitched his tent in a valley near to Sodom. He did not go into Sodom, but only went toward it.  By doing so he went in the way of evil men. However, by the time the two angels went to destroy Sodom they found Lot in residence as an active member of the community.  Lot did not turn away from Sodom and so got sucked into the path of the wicked.

Young people find themselves under peer pressure to go down the path of the wicked. Simply explain to your friends that you cannot be involved in such activities because they are contrary to what your Savior would have you do. Whatever is leading you away from the path of the just and the Lord Jesus Christ is something you do not need and should avoid. Remove all opportunities for interaction with the path of the wicked whenever and wherever.