Getting Wisdom Proverbs 2: 19

Getting Wisdom Prov. 2:19 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

This text tells you how to get the wisdom of God – practically speaking there are those who don’t believe these verses – they say they do but in action they really don’t – that’s why they use modern bibles – they want an easy Bible – the want convenience – they don’t ever ask the bookstore “Out of which of these Bibles does the Holy Spirit teach?”

To Get Wisdom:

Receive the words into your memory – like you were listening to directions – like the classroom where you will be tested – like memorizing verses – like receiving orders from a commanding officer – hide the words in your heart

Listen for the words; put your whole heart into it – so often we miss things because we are distracted – when your heart is applied every part of your being wants to know – you hear the words of wisdom when others might just miss them – your heart is drawn to them like a magnet – oh there’s wisdom and you absorb it like a sponge

Cry out to God for the words – Jas 1:5 – it’s not just a matter of saying a little prayer – sometimes it’s a matter of crying out to God like you would when you are in desperation – like when you would for a drink of water if you were dying of thirst

Dig for the words – like a man would do who was digging for buried treasure – you need to search and dig till you find what you are looking for and what God wants you to see

When you meet the four CONDITIONS above you’ll succeed because:

The Lord gives the words – God breathed (inspiration) and he knows whether you really want them or not and whether you are willing to work for them or not and what you are going to do with them [careful, knowledge puffeth up]

You follow what you are learning – be ye doers of the word and not hearers only

He preserves your way – in other words, when you have found wisdom and God gives you the words, he now has something in you with which he directs your path and preserves your way

You understand every good path – the words of wisdom will show you and direct you because they know you will follow them