Wisdom is the Principal Thing Proverbs 4: 1-13

Wisdom is the Principal Thing Prov 4:1-13 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In this study we are going to learn about the primary importance of wisdom. The text tells us that it is received from your father (Eph 6:1, Ex 20:12).  You can also hang around wise men, make friends of them, learn wisdom from them and avoid many of the pitfalls of life (Pro 13:20).Ultimately you get your wisdom from your Father in Heaven (1Jn 1:3).

Some of the wisdom we get comes through making mistakes, but even in that the LORD is instructing us. Some wisdom we will get through prayer and listening to the preaching of God’s word. The Holy Spirit will use the preacher to speak directly to you and address your specific problems. The wisdom that you get directly from the Heavenly Father and from an earthly father who knows the LORD is unlike anything that you can or will get anywhere else in the world.

We gain life and wisdom by reading God’s word. When we read the word, we are partaking of the bread of life and gaining the wisdom of God that comes with that (John 6:57).

A formal education in school will do you well in getting a professional job to support yourself and your family, but such an educational system is going to teach you many lies that you will have to sort out. The wisdom of the world will help you gain material wealth, but it will not provide you with eternal life. That educational system will not give you the wisdom that you will gain from a God-fearing father teaching you God’s word.

5 Bwisdom enefits of Wisdom

Regeneration – (v.4) The wisdom gained from the Bible provides you with eternal life (1Pet 1:23, Jas 1:21, 1:18)

Preservation – (v.6) Getting saved is an act of wisdom. Once you are saved you cannot lose your salvation (1Jn 5:13, Jos 14:10).

Promotion – (v.8) If you have the wisdom to humble yourself God will exalt you (Matt 23:12)

Extension – (v.10) When you gain the wisdom to do the LORD’s work He will give you a longer life in which to accomplish His will (Pro 3:2).

Protection – (v.12) Wisdom will protect you and give you liberty in that protection. Wisdom will absolutely define the limits of liberty that you and I have so that we can confidently do the work of the Lord Jesus Christ and enjoy our relationship with Him without crossing the line and doing things that would cause us trouble.  (Ps 18:36)

It is impossible to live a Christian life apart from the wisdom of God. Never replace the wisdom of God with the wisdom of the world, psychology, or philosophy. Take your wisdom directly from the words of God and you will reap the benefits of a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior.