Wisdom Guides You Proverbs 2: 10-22

Wisdom Guides You Prov. 2:10-22 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The wisdom set forth in verses 10-22 should be instilled in your heart and also in the hearts of your children because there are valuable benefits when followed.

Wisdom does not come through rote memory. It comes through fear of the LORD, crying out for it, digging for it, paying attention to it, following it, studying it, and departing from evil.  Wisdom enters your heart so that it becomes a guide which provides light and speaks to you. It is important to give our children a steady diet of the Bible so that when they grow older and have to begin making their own choices they will be informed by the wisdom of God. Having the wisdom of the Bible planted in their hearts will make it easier for them to resist the peer pressure that leads to bad decisions when faced with difficult choices.

Benefits of wisdom

It will deliver thee from the evil man – The evil man does not always appear evil and wisdom will help you to spot the deceiver who hides behind smooth talk and flattery (Rom 16:17, Ps 119:105).

It will deliver thee from the strange woman – With the high percentage of teen pregnancy and venereal disease it is very important to teach young men to avoid strange women.  And we need to teach young women to avoid becoming the strange woman. Helping them to understand the importance of marriage in God’s plan will help to strengthen their resolve.

It will keep you in the way of good men – Knowledge that is down in the heart and pleasant to the soul will lead you to find good men with whom to associate who will help you for the rest of your life (Prov 13:20).