Isaiah 11:10-16 When Jesus Comes

When Jesus Comes Is. 11:10-16 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

When Jesus comes again to this earth, the things in this passage are going to occur.  Remember that the context of this passage [v.5-9] is the millennial reign of Jesus.

Jesus will rule on the earth – v.10 – he is the root of Jesse, Is 11:1, Rev 22:16, Rom 15:12 – he is the ensign, the military standard lifted up as the rallying point of the people – the Gentile nations shall seek to him, Is 60:1-5, 11; Zech 8:22-23 – this time on earth will be a time of rest, Ps 132:8-14 – and it will be glorious, Matt 25:31, Is 60:1-3, 7, 13.

The Jews will be gathered the second time – v.11-12 – the first time they were gathered was following the captivity by Nebuchadnezzar, Neh 7:6, 66 and Ezra 2:1, 64 – the second time only a remnant is left to gather, Is 1:9 – some say this gathering began in 1948 – however, it appears that this gathering is in conjunction with the 2nd Advent, Matt 24:31 – the scattering before the gathering is prophesied in Deut 28:62-68; Jer 9:16, 24:9-10; Ezek 5:10 – notice the dispersed [Is 60:9] are gathered from the four corners of the earth, Rev 7:1.

Judah and Israel become one nation again – v.13 – even back in the time of the Judges, Ephraim and Judah were at odds – right after Saul’s reign, Ishboseth ruled in Israel and David ruled in Judah – and then after Solomon’s death the kingdoms were officially divided and were at enmity with each other even during the time that Isaiah prophesied – they will not be united again until Jesus comes, Ezek 37:16-17, 22-27, Heb 8:7-12.

Israel subdues her enemies – v.14 – Israel will fly upon [1 Sam 15:19] the shoulders of the Philistines and will completely defeat the Moabites, Edomites and Ammonites [Jer 48:1 – Jer 49:22] – Israel will rule over the nations that oppressed them, Is 60:14.

The Red Sea and Euphrates will dry up – v.15 – as in the Exodus, Ex 14:21 – see Rev 16:12 – this way the Jews can return to their land.

A highway will connect Egypt, Israel and Assyria – v.16 – see Is 19:23-25.