The Laughter of God Proverbs 1: 24-33

The Laughter of God Prov. 1: 24-33 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

This is one of the scariest passages in the Bible.  It deals with God laughing at people who refused him and his wisdom.  When they suddenly cry out for him to help them and it is too late, he just mocks when their fear comes.  Notice God’s laughter at their:

Calamity – v.26 – He called and they refused – he stretched out his hand and they did not regard it – they set at nought all his counsel – they would not hearken to his reproof – so when their calamity becomes the result, he just laughs at them.

Fear – v.26 – most men don’t even realize how afraid they can become – and when they get scared enough, you will hear them cry, “O God!” – and to this group God says, “Too bad”

Destruction – v.27 – when their destruction, desolation, distress and anguish come, not only will God not hear their cry, he will just laugh at them.

Prayers – v.28 – they will call and they will seek him but he will not answer them and they won’t be able to find him – the line with God in prayer is never busy, but with this group the line will be “cut.”

Why?  There are four reasons:

They hated knowledge – v.29

They did not choose the fear of the Lord – v.29

They would none of his counsel – v.30

They despised all of his reproof – v.30


They eat the fruit of their own way – v.31

They are filled with their own devices – v.31

They are slain for their turning away – v.32

They are destroyed for their foolish prosperity – v.32


Hearken to the Lord – v.33 – you will dwell safely and you will be quiet from fear of evil