Time With God

Time with God

The Secret to a Christian Life


Text: (Gen 19:27) And Abraham gat up early in the morning to the place where he stood before the LORD:


Abraham is an excellent example of Morning Time with God: You must make it happen.

1)       He got up early in the morning  Ps. 5:3 David

2)       He had a special place Matt 6:6

3)       He did it daily

4)       He stood before the Lord, waiting for the Lord to speak to him

II Peter 3:18   we are to Grow, we need nourishment,

           Everyday. Feed flesh or spirit, fall short- Grow cold

                                                                     And backslide


  1. I.                  The Purpose of  your Time with God
    1. A.     Fellowship with God
    2. B.     Strength for the Day  Eph. 6:12  
  2. II.              Preparation for your Time for God
    1. A.     Go to bed early
    2. B.     Get wide awake before reading or praying
    3. C.     Abraham stood, walk or pray out loud
    4. D.     Put away distracting objects
    5. E.     Psa. 46:10  Don’t do all the talking, listen
    6. F.      Seek the leading of the Holy Spirit Rom. 8:14
    7. G.    Be willing to obey what you read.  Jn.2:5
    8. H.    Come before Him with a clean heart  Psa. 51:17 Regret, repent , I Jn. 1:9 confess
  3. III.          Provisions for your Time with God
    1. A.     Bible
    2. B.     Paper and pen
    3. C.     Some sort of study or reading plan calendar
    4. D.     After reading ask:
      1. 1.    What new thing have I learned today?
      2. 2.    Is there a command for me to obey? >10
      3. 3.    Is there an example for me to follow?
      4. 4.    Is there an error for me to avoid?
      5. 5.    Is there a sin for me to forsake?
      6. 6.    Is there a promise for me to claim?
      7. 7.    Did I learn anything new about God or His word?
  4. IV.          Plan for your Time with God
    1. A.     Prevent it from becoming mechanical
    2. B.     Try to have it at the same time each day
    3. C.     Aim for Systematic plan, ½ reading & ½ prayer
    4. D.     Don’t be rigid, be filled
  5. V.              Prayer in your Time with God
    1. A.     Adoration Ps. 95:6 Humble yourself/ for who he is!!
    2. B.     Confession  Ps. 32:5 Repentance Change in

                          Mind- Heart- Direction

  1. C.     Thanksgiving Phlip. 4:6 Anything and everything Lk17:11 ten lepers
  2. D.     Supplication I Tim. 2:1 for others / me, me Heb. 4:16  
  3. VI.          Problems with your Time with God
    1. A.     A daily battle, Satan will make sure
    2. B.     A daily battle, the World will make sure
    3. C.     A daily battle, your Flesh will make sure