A Virtuous Woman, Ruth 3:1-13

Ruth 3:1-13 A Virtuous Woman CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Boaz said that Ruth was a virtuous woman – she is the only woman in the Bible about whom this was said.  Truly, there were other virtuous women, but it is not recorded in scripture that anyone called them virtuous.  Ruth has that distinction.  So, what was it about Ruth that made her virtuous?

Her Modesty – v.3 – she simply washed, anointed herself and dressed; she didn’t over do it with the outward appearance the way many women do [1 Tim 2:9-10].  

Her Industry – 2:23 – she worked willingly with her hands, Prov 31:13, 17 – many families are two income families today, but be careful to not let a career get in the way of your family – it may be better to live on one income and learn to sew and cook to provide for you children.

Her Economy – 2:23 – she wasn’t a consumer, she was a contributor – she lived within her means and supplied her family’s needs – she was not a liability, and she was not lazy, Prov 31:16-19 – this is a consumer economy in which we live; learn to live without an abundance – schools used to teach home economics.

Her Trustworthiness – v.5 – she did what she was told and Naomi could count her – and she didn’t need to be entertained or pampered, Prov 31:11 – obey your authorities in your life and remember that you are here to wait on them; they are not here to wait on you.

Her Good Name – v.11 – all the city knew her reputation as a good woman, Prov 31:28-29, 31; Prov 22:1 – no one should ever hear bad things about you that are true – social networking should be avoided at all costs; just look at what people unashamedly reveal about themselves.

Her Purity – v.10 – she didn’t run around with other men either for their wealth or their pleasure – for one thing, she was too busy, Prov 31:25 – you need to save yourself for one man

Her Respect – v.10, 12-13 – she honored her mother-in-law by striving to make her a grandmother even though Naomi’s sons were dead and she honored her late husband by attempting to carry on his name through marrying a near kinsman, Prov 31:12 – when you marry a husband, you marry a family.

Her Humility – v.13 – she humbled herself before Boaz by making herself available to him if he would so desire to marry her – she revealed a submission and subjection to her future husband – will you be a submissive wife [Eph 5:22-24; 1 Pet 3:1-7]

Her Fear of God – v.13 – she had to trust the Lord to direct the outcome of the marriage – she didn’t even know who this near kinsman was – Prov 31:30 – she had to wait to see if she would be married to Boaz or the nearer kinsman – can you leave the choice to God?

Now notice from Ruth and Prov 31 that there are several things that do not make a virtuous woman – a successful career, higher education, social standing, a buff body, beauty, money, status, or possessions.  The Lord makes a virtuous woman and she is a crown to her husband, Prov 12:4