Matthew 3:1-2 Kingdom of Heaven; Kingdom of God II

The Kingdom of God vs. The Kingdom of Heaven Matt 3:1-2 CLICK ON TITLE FOR AUDIO

This lesson continues our study on the differences between the kingdom of heaven and the kingdom of God.

At hand Matt 3:2 Mk 1:15 At hand
Jesus preached it Matt4:17 Mk 1:15 Jesus preached it
Disciples preached it Matt 10:7 Lk 9:2 Disciples preached it
Has a mystery form Matt13:11 Lk 8:10 Has a mystery form
Entered w/ child-like faith Matt 18:3 Mk 10:15 Entered w/ child-like faith
Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and those from East
and West
Matt8:11 Lk 13:28-9 Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and those from East
and West
Hard for Rich men to enter Matt19:23 Mk 10:23 Hard for Rich men to enter
See it come w/ power Matt 16:28-
Mk 9:1Lk 9:27 See it come w/ power
Must do the commandments Matt5:19 Jn 3:3,5 Must be born again
Righteousness must exceed Pharisees Matt5:20 2 Cor5:21Rom 10:3 Righteousness must be God’s
From John the Baptist suffers Violence
violent take by force
Matt11:12 Lk 16:16 Law and Prophets until John, preached since
Keys for binding and loosing Matt16:19 Jn 10:7 No keys, a door
Pharisees shut Matt23:13 Rev 3:7 No man can shut
Ten virgins meet the bridegroom Matt 25:1 2 Cor 11:2 Bride marries the bridegroom
Parable of the talents Matt 25:14 Lk 19:12- Parable of the pounds
Lk 17:20-1 Comes not w/ observation, it’s w/in you
Mk 14:53Lk 23:51 Joseph waited for it
Lk 19:11 Some thought it would appear then
1 Cor 15:50-55 Flesh and blood can’t inherit it