Isaiah 10:16-34 End Times

End Times Is 10:16-34 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In this lesson on the end times we will study three major topics:

  • The Consumption of the Forest
  • The Return of the Remnant
  • The Destruction of the Assyrian

The Consumption of the Forest – v.16-19

Trees are a metaphor for men and so the consumption of the trees in the forest is a metaphor for the destruction of a vast amount of men and women, those who are opposed to the Lord.  We see men as tress in Mk 8:24.  We see that the light of Israel is Jesus in Lk 2:32.  We see that in his glory he is a consuming fire in Heb 12:29.  At his coming he burns the forest Ezek 20:46-49.  All those who know not God and obey not the gospel are burned 2 Thes 1:7-9.  Their souls and their bodies are burned Matt 10:28.  They are literally baptized in fire Matt 3:10.  There are so few left that a child could write the number.

The Return of the Remnant – v.20-23

The Lord promised that he would eventually save Israel.  However, he also made it clear that, of the entire nation, only a remnant would remain [Is 1:9, Rom 9:27].  The consumption decreed [Deut 28:22; Lev 26:16] overflows in righteousness [Is 1:25-27] by the time the Lord is finished dealing with that nation.

The Destruction of the Assyrian – v.24-34

In this passage we see several things concerning the end of the antichrist.  We see:

  • The timing of his death – v.25 – Jn 16:16-19 – the end of the tribulation
  • The reason for his death – v.24 – Rev 18:13, 6:15 – genocide and slavery (after the manner of Egypt)
  • The method of his death – v.26 – Jud 7:25 – decapitation
  • The result of his death – v.27 – Jer 28:1-2, 11-14 – his burden and yoke lifted
  • The place of his death – v.28-32 – this is the approach to Jerusalem from the north and he dies right outside the city
  • The picture of his death – v.33-34 – Ezek 31 – he dies like a tree that is cut down