Growing Joy, Jn 17:13

Growing Joy John 17:13 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

6 things that grow joy

Receiving God’s words – (1Thes. 1:6, Luke 8:13) There is joy in reading your Bible and then watching God’s words transform your life, as well as the lives of those around you.

Believing God’s words – (Rom. 15:13, 1Pet. 1:8) Joy grows when we believe the words of God as handed down in the King James Bible. When we question it by going to the Greek language in an attempt to retranslate the text to make it fit our desire we rebel against God’s authority and sow seeds of discord which will choke out our joy with doubt and erode our faith (2Pet. 1:19-21).

Receiving answers to prayer – (John 16:24) There is great joy in seeing the Lord glorified in our answered prayers. From our human perspective it is a great confirmation of God’s love for us and there is great joy in that.

Seeing your children walk in truth – (3 John 4) There is no greater joy than seeing the work of God duplicated in your children.

Fellowshipping in the gospel – (Phil. 1:4-5) There is joy in meeting and working with others, growing together with them in Christ and furthering the work of the Lord.

Seeing souls saved – (Luke 15:7, 1Thes. 2:19-20) There is great joy in knowing that the Holy Spirit is able to use you for the work of Jesus Christ in saving souls. Having such visible evidence that you are a part of God’s plan is a great source of joy.