Examples of Prayer, Jn 16:23-24

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The greatest examples of prayer in the Old Testament

Examples of Intercessors

Moses – Fought the Pharaoh of Egypt on behalf of the Hebrews. Moses was a great example of intercessory prayer (Jer. 15:1, Ex. 32:10-12, 32:31-32, Rev. 11:3)

Samuel – Samuel interceded for the nation of Israel to get them to turn from their idolatry (1Sam. 7:5-9, 1Sam. 12:23)

Abraham – Interceded for Lot (Gen. 18:23)

Solomon – Interceded for his nation (1Kings 58:54)

Nehemiah – Interceded for nation of Israel (2:4)

Examples of Prayer Warriors

Noah – Fought the world, prayed when everything around him was going to be destroyed (Ezek. 14:14)

Daniel – Fought the flesh, prayed for his people while they were in captivity (Dan. 6:10, 6:16, 6:24, 9:3-23)

Job – Fought the devil, prayed for his friends when they were making his affliction worse (Job 42:10)

Jesus – Interceded for all mankind (Heb. 5:7, James 5:16)

Conclusion: In Acts 6:4 the Lord shows preachers that we need to give ourselves to prayer