The Holy Spirit Will Lead You, Jn 16:12-15

He Will Show You John 16:12-15 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In this passage we see how truth is conveyed unto the believer. In verse 15 we can see that truth originates with the Father in Heaven and is then passed down to His Son Jesus Christ who in turn passes it to the Holy Spirit who then relays it to the believer. The Holy Spirit is our teacher and, therefore, if you will yield to him he will teach you the word of God (1 John 2:27). He will also reveal the truths contained in God’s word (1 Cor. 2:10). Now the Holy Spirit will not teach you anymore than you are able to receive as you read the Bible (John 16:12). In due time, you will learn what you need to know (John 16:13).

4 important things in which the Holy Spirit will lead you

The Right Bible – The Holy Spirit will show you the Truth about the right Bible. If you look to the Holy Spirit for guidance he will lead you to the King James Bible because God doesn’t need help in interpretation from modern scholars. He doesn’t need help from any men when He has the Holy Spirit to guide us. There are over 200 different modern English versions of the Bible on the market.  If you do a comparative study you will see that they do not agree. God did not intend for you to have to consult several different versions of a book to receive His word. People have gotten the idea in their heads that they have to go to a man with a doctorate who is a scholar in languages and take his word on what the Bible says. But such a person did not get his knowledge from the Holy Spirit.  Rather he got his knowledge from other men, his intellect and from word studies. That goes contrary to the plan that God laid out for you in John 16:12-15. If it doesn’t come directly from God the Father to God the Son and on to the Holy Spirit and then to you, it has been interrupted. If it has been interrupted then it may be corrupted, perverted, vexed, lied about, or exchanged. The Holy Spirit shows you all the ways that the devil perverts the word of God in Genesis 3.

The Right Interpretation – A very important point you need to understand concerns interpretation. Whenever there is a disagreement about a particular passage of scripture people tend to say, “Well that’s your interpretation.”  Or they will compare what you have said against what some majority of people have said and make the argument that since you are in the minority then you are the one in error. Doctrine is not subject to interpretation (2 Peter 1:20). When you have several people holding different positions on a doctrine only one of those positions can be correct. The remaining positions are all false. Therefore the person holding to and teaching one of the false doctrines is teaching a lie. If you are holding to a false doctrine then you are not following the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  Instead, you are following a man. There is no such thing as secondary doctrine. There is only one doctrine on any given matter and everything else is a lie. The Holy Spirit must be there to guide you in order for you to receive the truth.

The Right Divisions – The Bible has right divisions and when a man doesn’t know how to divide the Bible rightly he doesn’t know where he is on certain doctrines in the Bible (2 Tim. 2:15). If a man who is teaching the Bible to you doesn’t know where he is then you are going to get in a mess. Here are some quick clues to help you rightly divide the word of God according to the major covenants.

God’s Covenant with Adam in the Garden of Eden

God’s Covenant with Adam after the Fall – Blood sacrifice to atone for sin

God’s Covenant with Noah – Rainbow and promise to never flood the Earth again with water, and the division of nations

God’s Covenant with Abraham – A covenant concerning the Jews, an everlasting seed and an everlasting land grant

God’s Covenant with Moses – A covenant of the Law

God’s Covenant with David – A covenant concerning a throne and a kingdom

God’s Covenant with Jesus Christ – A covenant concerning the fulfillment of God’s covenant with David and a new covenant where the Gentiles can receive salvation and an inheritance along with the Jews.

The Right Relations – The Holy Spirit will lead you to the truth about your love of God and what it is to really love the Lord Jesus Christ and be loved by Him. He’ll lead you into the truth of your love for others and for the things that God loves (Matt. 16:23).