Isaiah 10:5 The Assyrian

The Assyrian Isaiah 10:5 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

We have to see from the Bible who the Assyrian is.  Ultimately, he is the devil working through the king of Assyria, whoever he may be at the time the devil uses him.  In the end, he is the antichrist.  Today, we will study him in history through the Bible.

His Beginning – Gen 10:5-11 – he descended from Ham – Cush – Nimrod.  Nimrod was a mighty hunter before the Lord [a negative reference] and the beginning of his kingdom was Babel [v.10] in the land of Shinar.  Out of that land went Asshur [Assyria] and builded Nineveh [capitol city of the Assyrian kingdom], which was largely known (Gen 2:14, 25:18).

His Expansion – Ezek 31:3-9 – he is the lofty cedar of Lebanon that becomes the head over many nations.  Notice in the context that this Assyrian typifies Pharaoh [Ezek 31:2]. Did you know that the Pharaoh who enslaved Israel was Assyrian? [Is. 52:4]

His Alliance with Judah and Israel – 2 Ki 16:7-9, 17-18; Hos 1:1, 5:13, 8:9 – Judah and Israel both looked to the Assyrian for help.  They turned to that country when they turned away from the Lord.

His Aggression against Israel and Judah – 2 Ki 15:19-29; 17:3-6, 23-27 – The Assyrian first took the Jews in Gilead captive, then he came after the tribes on the west side of the Jordan River, where he finally captured the capitol, Samaria.  2 Ki 18:7-33 – the Assyrian attempted to take Judah and its capitol, Jerusalem, captive.  Their attempt was thwarted by God but eventually accomplished by Nebuchadnezzar and the Chaldeans about one hundred years later.  The Chaldeans were founded by Assyria [Is23:13].  Notice the connection between Assyria and Babylon when Manasseh was carried captive into Babylon [2 Chr 33:11].

His Rise as Antichrist – Hos 11:5 – the Assyrian shall be his king.  Jesus finds him there at the Second Advent [Is 8:7-8, the reference to Immanuel is a reference to Jesus Christ physically reigning in Israel].

His Final Destruction – Mic 5:5-6 – the Assyrian is in the land treading in the palaces when the Lord (the peace) delivers Israel from him [notice the connection to Nimrod] – Is 14:25 [4-7] – the Assyrian is in the land when he is destroyed – Jer 50:17-20 – Assyria and Babylon are destroyed and Israel is again in their habitation – Is 30:31 – the Assyrian, the rod, is beaten down by the Lord.