Answered Prayer for Fruit, Jn 15:7-16

Answered Prayer for Fruit John 15:7-16 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

At the beginning and ending of this passage is the promise of answered prayer. The whole context of this passage concerns producing fruit.  So, what we have is a prayer promise for producing fruit.  The context here has nothing to do with how to get saved or stay saved and, therefore, it is not a salvation passage. This passage has to do with producing fruit and the promise of God to answer prayer.

Now this passage contains some conditions. Notice in verse 7 the word “if.” That is a conditional word which is repeated again in verses 10 and 14. These conditional verses show us some of the limitations of, or requirements and qualifications for, the things that are associated with answered prayer and fruit production.

The natural process started by God for anything in the Earth, whether human, animal, fish, fowl, creeping thing, grass, herb, tree, or whatever, is geared toward fruit production. God leaves us on the earth after our salvation because He wants us to bring forth fruit. To let us know that it is God’s work and not our work He gives us a promise to answer our prayers concerning the production of fruit (John 15:7).

Jesus Christ loved us sacrificially.  Jesus wants us to have the same servant’s heart towards others that He has had towards us, so that we will try to go out and win others to Jesus Christ. One of the best ways to do this to the glory of God is by spreading His word (Isaiah 55:11) and praying for the lost.