Isaiah 10:1-4 When Man’s Laws Replace God’s Laws

When Man’s Laws Replace God’s Law Isaiah 10:1-4CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

When a society is following the law of God, there is really not much need for other laws.  But when man’s laws replace God’s laws, then there is no end to the laws that will be passed to control that society.  Those laws will be:

Unrighteous Laws – v.1 – Mk 7:2-13 – they will cause men to reject God’s laws and they will degrade the society like they did in Judah – in the USA laws have promoted pornography, kicked God out of schools, legalized homosexuality, infringed your liberty and privacy, etc.

Grievous Laws – v.1 – Matt 23:4, Lk 3:10-14, Is 58:5-7, Neh 5:1-10 – they will be a grief and heavy burden upon society like they were in Judah and Israel – in the USA laws of taxation and regulation have heavily burdened the country.

Oppressive Laws – v.2 – Ps 35:10, Ps 37:14, Matt 23:14, Deut 10:17-18, Ps 68:5, Ex 22:22, Deut 27:19 – laws created by the wealthy appeal initially to the poor and needy but essentially oppress them in order to give the wealthy more control and greater wealth – even the widows and fatherless, so protected by the Lord, are oppressed – in the USA laws have bankrupted the country and destroyed the homes of the poor and needy while promising more benefits.

The Result

God strikes against them in his wrath and they can’t do anything about it, they can’t get anyone to help and they have no place to go [v.3] – Prov 11:4, 2 Ki 25:25-26, Jer 44:11-14 – when the Jews ran to Egypt from the Chaldeans, God destroyed Egypt and the Jews that ran there.

Without God, they bow under the prisoners [like the Bataan Death March and the crammed rail cars during the German Holocaust] and they fall under the slain [like the mass murders in the Hitler gas chambers and ghettos].

Conclusion: Don’t think for a moment that the further we get from God in this country, the better we are going to be [the progressive movement].  The laws will become more unrighteous, grievous and oppressive and the judgment against this nation will become more destructive.