Be Not Silent

The lesson text for Be Not Silent is Ps 30:11-12

According to Acts 1:8, we are to be witnesses of the Lord Jesus Christ. That is a responsibility of every Christian. If you are saved, then you have the Holy Spirit of God living in you. You should have the desire to share the Gospel or “good news”. So why then do very few of us do very much of this work? We all know that it is God’s will, we all know that there are lost folks out there that are going to die and spend eternity in hell. The answer is easy, it is FEAR. In Psalm 30:11-12, David is praying to God that he would not be silent. Let us look at a few areas of fear that keep us silent.

Fear of Rejection

  1. Mark 5:35-40 – they laughed, they may laugh at you.
  2. Luke 4:22-28 – they got mad, they may not appreciate the message.
  3. Luke 6:20-23 – suffer loss, you will suffer persecution, but rejoice, Acts 5:29-42

Fear of Hypocrisy

An inconsistent outward life now or in your past, can cause you to not speak, especially with family and friends that know you.

Fear of Conscience

Sin in your life and not being in good fellowship with God will cause you to be silent because you have no power. Acts 4:31-33


  1. They are not rejecting you but are rejecting Jesus Christ, John 15:11-27
  2. Matt. 9:37-38, It is His harvest
  3. Acts 1:8, It is your responsibility