Isaiah 8:9-10 Gathering of the Nations

Gathering of the Nations Isaiah 8: 9-10 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

This Sunday school lesson on the gathering of the nations shows that the Lord actually gathers the nations against Israel to destroy the nations that fight against Israel.  This is the Lord’s determination as a pay back to those nations for what they have done and will intend to do against the Jews [Ps 94:5, Jer 25:12-33]. Three times the Lord tells them that they will be “broken in pieces.”

Here are the references: Zeph 3:8; Is 30:27-28; Zech 12:3, 9-11; Zech 14:2-3; Rev 16:12-16.

Now before celebrating the coming destruction of these enemies of Israel, you need to ask yourself the question, “How much have I done to get the gospel to the people in these nations before they are destroyed?”  If the answer is, “Nothing,” then you need to get busy supporting missions, praying for missionaries and their efforts among these nations, and surrendering yourself to help save their souls!