The Lord Blesses Ruth Ruth 2:1-17

Ruth 2:1-17 The Lord Blesses Ruth CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In Ruth 2:1-17, Ruth goes to glean in the barley harvest and the Lord blesses Ruth by:

Directing her to the field of Boaz – v.1-3 – The Bible tells us that man deviseth his way but the Lord directeth his steps and that the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord.  The Lord directed her right where she could glean the most favorably and, by God’s providence, meet her future husband.

Allowing her to reap in Boaz’s fields – v.4-7 – She found favor with the servant of the reapers who welcomed her to glean among Boaz’s maidens.

Helping her to find grace with Boaz – v.8-10 – He instructed her to glean through all of the harvest, he protected her from the men, and he provided her with water and food [v.14].

Spreading her good testimony in the city – v.11 – God allowed a good testimony to go out among the inhabitants of the city which would later facilitate the marriage.  She had a good report based upon her aid to Naomi and her departure from her family, her country and her people so that she could be with Naomi, her mother-in law.

Rewarding her labors – v.12-17 – she was rewarded with:

  • A full reward – v.12
  • Boaz’s comfort – v.13
  • Food for her labor – v.14
  • The privilege of gleaning among the sheaves – v.15
  • Handfuls of purpose – v.16
  • An ephah of barley – v.17