Isaiah 8:1-8 Assyria Attacks

Assyria Attacks Isaiah 8:1-8 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Assyria attacks is a lesson about the attack of Assyria against Damascus and Israel in which both Syria and Israel are taken captive and spoiled. Assyria also attacks Judah during the reign of Hezekiah, but fails to succeed.  The Babylonians under Nebuchadnezzar are the ones who eventually destroy Judah.  Nevertheless, verses 6-8 indicate a terrible attack by Assyria, which is a prophecy concerning the attack of the antichrist during the tribulation.

Mahershalalhashbaz – v.1, 3 – means “haste ye, haste ye to the spoils” – indicating that the prophecy of the destruction of Syria and Israel will be fulfilled soon.  The names of the children of prophets often confirm the prophecy [Enoch and Methuselah Gen5:21-24; Hosea and Jezreel, Loruhamah, and Loammi Hos 1:4, 6, 9].

Faithful witnesses – v.2 – in the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses is every word established.

For before the child – v.4 – then the fulfillment of the prophecy will be even before the 65 years of Is 7:8.

Refusteh the waters of Shiloah – v.6 – pictures the millennial river under the temple Rev 22:1-2, Ezek 47:1, the water of life Rev 22:17, and the fountain of living water [the Lord] Jer 2:13 – they rejected the Lord to trust in the king of Syria and the king of Israel.

The king of Assyria– v.7 – his troops come in like a flood – see Is 17:12 and Rev 12:15.

Reach to the neck – v.8 – Judah gets neck deep in trouble – the Assyrian king’s wings fill the breadth of the land [matches the devil Ezek 28:14, 1:5-7, Rev 12:3, 9, Is 14:29].

O Immanuel – v.8 – applied to the land Ezek 48:35 – indicating that the Lord Jesus Christ [Is 7:14] is there – so the prophecy concerns the antichrist and his near destruction of Jerusalem– he is defeated by the Lord Jesus Christ [Immanuel].