Foreknowledge of Jesus, Jn 6:64-71

Jesus’ Foreknowledge John 6:64-71 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Jesus has just finished his discourse on eating the flesh of the Son of man and drinking his blood. This caused a stir because some people thought this was literal.  This is not literal; it has to do with believing his words.  He knew there would be three responses to his preaching: some believed, some believed not, and one would betray him.  He spoke to the entire group, even though he knew that some would not believe (verses 64-66).  Therefore, the foreknowledge of Jesus does not effect belief or choice.  When a person believes Jesus and has the blood applied, he is sanctified and thus becomes one of the elect, through Jesus’ foreknowledge (1 Peter 1:2).

In 1 Samuel 23, David knew that Saul was coming for him, so he asked God whether the people would give him to Saul, and whether Saul would come down. God gave him foreknowledge by answering yes to both questions.  So, David fled.  Foreknowledge did not limit David’s choice to leave and save his life.

If you will believe Jesus and receive him, you will have eternal life (John 1:7, John 1:12). Those with life end up in heaven and those without die. This is the foreknowledge of Jesus.  When a person believes on Jesus Christ, he knows that he has everlasting life (Ephesians 1:13).  Jesus knew that Judas was a devil and would betray him (John 13:18-19).  In spite of the fact that Jesus knew that there were some who believed, and some who didn’t, and someone who would betray him, he died for all of them anyway (1 Tim 2:5-6).

Which category do you fit in?