Meat To Eat, Jn 4:31-34

Meat To Eat John 4:31-34 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO


So much attention today on food.  Fat preachers and much radio and magazine time on health and diet topics and plans.  Health clubs and nutritional centers.  Restaurants.  Great to take good care of yourself but not to the neglect of your spirit and spiritual necessities.  Pharisees were always picking on Jesus about food and drink.  Even accused him of being a glutton and a winebibber (Matt.11:19).  Of course, they didn’t know the man to understand how funny their accusation really was.  They weren’t even close to the truth!!

  1. If anyone could skip a meal to do something for God it was Jesus.
    1. Mk. 3:20-21
    2. Lk.  4:2
  2. When tempted by the devil to eat, he didn’t give in, he quoted scripture.
    1. Lk. 4:4
    2. Compare Deut. 8:3, suffered hunger to learn the words of God.
    3. Job – I have esteemed the words of his mouth more than my necessary food.
  3. The Pharisees were the ones worried about food.
    1. Matt. 15:1-20
  4. That’s because their God was their belly.
    1. Rom. 16:18
    2. Phil. 3:19
    3. Prov. 16:26, mouth craveth it
    4. Jn 6:26-35, can hardly grasp spiritual truth for the thoughts about health and food.  With the “bread of life”  it is better to satisfy the hunger of the soul.
  5. But the belly is all temporal, fleshly stuff.
    1. Ecc. 5:18-20, even though God gives us an appetite and food to enjoy
    2. 1 Cor. 6:13, will be destroyed
  6. So, what are we to do?
    1. Matt. 6:31-33, Seek theKingdom of God first
    2. Prov. 23:1-4, Ecc. 10:16-17, Control the appetite
    3. Phil. 4:11-13, Be content