When You Get Saved

1 Thess 1:8-10 When You Get Saved CLICK ON TITLE FOR AUDIO

When you get saved, something drastic happens on the inside that ought to manifest itself on the outside.  You are:

  • Spiritually circumcised, Colossians 2: 10-11
  • Baptized into the body of Christ, 1 Corinthians 12:13
  • A child of God, John 1:12
  • A new creature, 2 Corinthians 5:17
  • Washed, sanctified and justified, 1 Corinthians 6: 9-11

As a man said, “I am not what I’m going to be, and I am not what I am supposed to be, but thank God I am not what I used to be.”  When these changes take place on the inside,
they ought to have a profound effect on the outside, as well.  There ought to be something that people can see.  There ought to be something that people hear.  You ought to be working as
hard for the Lord as you did for the devil before you got saved.

We saw last week that the Thessalonians had so much faith in God that they went to work for him and they had so much love for God that they labored for him.  Of course, they had a great example in Paul.  Likewise, our Christianity is not just a matter of inward changes.  You’ve got to get up and get doing something for Christ after you get saved.  You’ve got to:

1.         Proclaim, verse 8.  The Thessalonians “sounded out the word of the Lord.”  When you get saved, you ought to be like Acts 3:8-11, Mark 1:44-45, and Mark 5:18-20.

2.         Progress, verse 9.  The Thessalonians “turned to God.”  When you get saved, your life should make a 180 degree turn toward God.  You ought to be like Luke 10:42, Matthew 4:18-22, and Acts 9: 19-22.

3.         Protest, verse 9.  The Thessalonians “turned from idols.”  When you get saved, you ought to start dropping all of the idols that you had before you trusted Christ.  He should become your No. 1 affection.  You ought to be like Acts 19:18-20, Acts 19:24-27, and 2 Kings 23:4-7.

4.         Produce, verse 9.  The Thessalonians “serve[d] the living and true God.”  When you get saved, you ought to immediately look for things that you can do for the Lord Jesus
Christ as a servant.  You ought to be like Luke 17: 7-10, Luke 19:17-20, and John 13:16-17.

5.         Prophesy, verse 10.  The Thessalonians “wait[ed] for his Son from heaven.”  When you get saved, you ought to start looking immediately for the return of the Lord Jesus Christ.  You ought to be like Titus 2:13, 2 Tim. 4:8, and Jude 14 (Hebrews 11:5).  You ought to be telling others about the Lord’s return to encourage them and to help them get saved.

If you are not proclaiming, progressing, protesting, producing, and prophesying, then one of two things is true.  1.  You are not saved.  2.  You are backslidden.