Genesis 37:12-22 Joseph as a type of Jesus’ Earthly Ministry


In the last lesson, we discovered that Joseph was a type of Jesus Christ in 9 different particulars.  In this lesson, we continue examining the ways that Joseph typifies Jesus.  Here we will see 8 similarities to Jesus’ earthly ministry.


# Similitude Joseph’s Reference Jesus’ Reference
10 He was sent to his brethren Gen. 37:13 Matt. 15:24; Jn. 1:11
11 He was supposed to return –A type of the ascension Gen. 37:14 Jn. 20:17
12 He was in the field –A type of the world Gen. 37:15 Matt. 13:38; Jn. 1:10
13 He sought his brethren Gen. 37:16 Lk. 19:10pes
14 They conspired against himPrivately to slay him Gen. 37:18 Jn. 7:1; Jn. 11:47-53
15 They decided to lie aboutHis death Gen. 37:20 Jn. 7:19-20;Matt. 23:29-32
16 They tried to prevent theFulfillment of his dreams Gen. 37:20 Matt. 27:42-43;Matt. 27:63-66
17 Reuben (a type of NicodemusOr Pilate) tried to stop them Gen. 37:21-22 Jn. 7:50-51;Acts 3:13


So, in just 22 verses and two lessons, we have already seen 17 clear types of the Lord Jesus Christ in one man’s life.  Certainly the Lord could have pointed out numerous things in the life of Joseph.  However, He was particularly interested in showing us those things in Joseph’s life that so closely resembled the life of His own dear Son.