Samson and Delilah

Judges 16:4-31 What Samson Lost With Delilah CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Samson fell in love with Delilah.  Three times he had trouble with women down with the Philistines.  The third time was the charm in a manner of speaking.  When Samson and Delilah got together, she enticed him to tell her the source of his strength so the Philistines could take his strength away from him and then defeat him.  When Delilah succeeded in getting to the truth, Samson lost some things:

He lost his strength – Jud 16:17-19 – His Nazarite vow had been broken.  His strength came from God.  He needed a haircut and finally got it.  When his hair went, so did his strength.

He lost his Lord – Jud 16:20 – in the Old Testament, men could lose their salvation when the Lord left them [1 Sam 16:13-14].  The Spirit came on David and stayed [Ps 51:11].  The Spirit came on Saul and left.  The Spirit came on Samson and left and then returned Jud 16:28.

He lost his eyes – Jud 16:21 – They were the source of his trouble.  You reap what you sow.  A lot of times this is the way the Lord deals with men.

He lost his testimony – Jud 16:23-24 – the Lord had given him his supernatural strength.  So, when he lost it, the heathen attributed his defeat to the supernatural strength of their god [which they knew wasn’t true but in their superstition they honored him].

He lost his life – Jud 16:30 – this ultimately then was suicide.  But remember in Heb 11:32.  Samson was among the heroes of the faith.  So, this suicide did not cause him to die unsaved.  You need to remember that.  He died without reward probably, but not without the Lord.

Conclusion: there is a lot to lose by making bad choices and delving in sin.  Let what happened to Samson be a lesson to you.