How To Be A Happier Christian

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How To Be A Happier Christian Colossians 4:1-6 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

How to be a happier Christian.  We’re always looking for ways to have a happier Christian life.  Paul found seven areas in our Christian lives that you can pray over that will lead to a much happier life as a Christian.  Pray over your:

Help (v.1) – you’ve been given a pound; make the most of it – Matt 20; Matt 10 – a workman is worthy of his meat

Plan (v.2) – Continue and watch; in Gethsemane, they didn’t watch; But they did in the upper room

Mess (v.2) – With Thanksgiving; Bad stuff happens – don’t lose your good attitude

Paul (v.3-4) – People should pray for the preacher

Walk (v.5a) – You are either going to be an example or a stumbling block

Time (v.5b) – Redeem it, Don’t waste it, Don’t rust; haste makes waste

Talk (v.6) – Grace seasoned with salt

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